Wednesday, May 6, 2009

early to mid May, 09

D ploy,

Ahoy. We recently read that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe, and around 100 billion stars in each galaxy, including our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Our sun is just one fairly mediocre star at the edge of it. As is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm: It is estimated that there are approximately 100 billion cells in the human brain which contain an infinite number of possible connections between them. In view of all of that infinite vastness we still sometimes get stuck. Let us open the possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, this Thursday we have a fantastic psychedelic rock band called The Pinkoes playing after trivia at 9pm. Check out their far out sound and the trippy poster for this show on their myspace. Playing with The Pinkoes is another uber cool band called Junk Drawer. $5.

Friday at 7pm we have a CD release for our friend Trinity Demask. Trinity's got a lovely alt country sound and we're excited to hear her new CD. It will undoubtedly be soothingly beautiful. At 9pm we have the indie rock band Schofield back in the house and at 10:30 Greenfoot is back to rock us out. $5 all night.

Saturday at 1pm and 5pm we have shows by The Denver School Of Rock. This is their second show at the D Note. The first one featured all songs of The Who and it was great. This one is all funk and reggae which and will be a blast. $8.

At 8:30pm on Saturday we have the return of The Jagtones, playing the best of dance music from past. Always fun. $7.

The Clamdaddys are putting out a call to blues singers for the Wednesday night jam. If you got the blues in you waiting to get belted out now's the time. Still the best free night of live music in Colorado IOHO.

Finally, we have a shiny new website created by Sean Wolter. Check it out.

Look, master,

D plane D plane!

Extra Credit: Joe Brainard is one of our favorite painters ever. But he was also an interesting poet. Here's a small piece of one his simple classics.


If you want to be a movie star go to Hollywood
If you want to be a dancer dance right now
Or it will be too late
And you will be unhappy

Be a dancer if you want to be a dancer
Do not be afraid
Some of the best people I know are dancers

People of the world: RELAX!

Put on a clean white shirt and RELAX
Do not be afraid
Some of the best people I know are afraid

Do not be afraid of death
It will not hurt you

People of the World: RELAX!

The world is yours
Here, take it

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