Thursday, May 14, 2009

mid May, 09

D bombs,

In a dream last night we were all at a rave festival at a park in Europe, dancing. We look up and there's a kid dancing in the sky above us with very fancy footwork. He's throwing down green plants that make a kind of moving canvas on the clouds above us. He rearranges the plants with his feet and then kicks the plants out of the way when he is done and throws down more, all very fast and to the beat. It is astonishing. We have no idea how the effect is done, but it's cool. Then we go into a shoe store and there is another kid dancing on what seems like the top of the store, as if the ceiling were made of glass, and he is throwing down plants with a slightly different style than the one outside. It must be some new kind of art form. Afterward the kid comes out to answer questions. We ask him how its done and he says it is just a real time projection. Of course! Brilliant. But we're left wondering how they were able to project onto the sky outside. Can they do that these days? But now a mob have swarmed this kid so we don't get to ask. We do take note of his awesome headgear though. On top of his cap there is a white dome made up of thousands of sides. And this kid has taken a pen and made killer designs in the sides by shading them so that the white dome on his head has become a high work of art. Not sure if we can recreate that dream in anything but words.

But this dream is a go. This Friday night we have Oakhurst back in the house at 9:30pm. This band is getting bigger by the minute it seems, already legends of the Denver scene and we're lucky to have them. Super fun boot stomping bluegrass rock to get your ya yas out to. Opening is The John McKay Band at 8:00pm. $10. Playing dinner time is our friend Mike Fitzmaurice, a genius on solo stand up bass, 5:30pm.

Saturday night we have a CD release party for Mestizo. This band has a percussive, but melodic sound. They've been playing the D Note for a few years and finally have a CD so come out to support. Also playing will be our good friend Melissa Ivey at 7:30pm and My Friend Tom at 10:30pm.

Saturday day at 4pm we have a fantastic new installment of the Music Train Family Concert Series with Edna Culig, world renowned Bandurria player, and friends performing traditional Filipino dance and music. Bring the kids out for a unique cultural experience. $7 adults, $3 kids.

And Thursday, May 14 (tonight if you get this today) we have Trivia with Geeks Who Drink at 6:30pm and then Lila Bloom and The E Project Band at 8:30pm. These two theatric bands are part of a cool scene in Denver. Check them out. $5.


D day

Extra credit: A poem Adam DeGraff wrote after a stay in Lerici, Italy. Lerici is also known as the Bay of Poets because Shelley, Keats and Byron all stayed and wrote there. Their poems are better, but Adam's is shorter.

Bay of Poets

I had a licorice in Lerici
I had to spit it out
It was way too bitter
But I appreciate that
About the Italians
They like it bitter
They like it really bitter

Oh my god, try an espresso
Try it without any cream
Try it without any sugar
It's so bitter
It's so bitter
And I admire that

But I cannot drink that stuff straight
I like a little cream
I like a little sugar
I like it sweet
And I like it mild
Like a little child

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