Thursday, April 28, 2011

weekend update 4/28/11

D Bonair,

Last weekend at D Note we were treated to Spanish guitar and dance, an 18 piece Gamelan orchestra with dancers, world class blues violin, a sitar concert and a 10 piece salsa band. It was like a master class in world music, which is pretty remarkable when you consider we are located a thousand or so miles from the nearest ocean!

This Friday night we would love to have featured some proper English music for the royal nuptials of William and Kate, but we didn't think that far ahead. We are however doing a benefit, which seems to be in the spirit of the occasion, as Prince William, like his mother, seems to be a very charitable guy. The benefit, which starts at 7p, is for HIV Care Link w/ music by Austin Collins. $5-$10 suggested donation. Austin's music is akin to REM and early Replacements.

After the benefit, at 9p, we have local favorites Stonebraker and Wonderlic. Whole lotta love. $5.

Saturday at 4pm is a ballroom dance lesson followed by the old school big band jazz of Serenade In Blue at 5pm. $10 covers lesson and band.

We have another benefit on Saturday night, this one for The Denver Voice, an organization that helps the homeless (one of Prince William's main concerns, just saying). This show will have some wonderfully unique music by The Coyote Poets and The Skeleton Key Orchestra, both in the Gypsy Americana World Music vein. $5.

Sunday morning we have yoga with the fantastic teacher Nicky Viera and live meditative music by Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff, starting 10am. After yoga, at 11:30p, we have the third installment of Sunday (music) School (House/techno) $5 adults, kids free. This is perfect for you, if you used to be an all night raver, but now have kids.

That's now,

D Bone

Extra Credit: Here's an abridged version of a wedding poem (properly called an Epithalamion) by English poet Tennyson, for you know who. O heart, are you great enough for love?

Marriage Morning

Light, so low in the vale
You flash and lighten afar,
For this is the golden morning of love,
And you are his morning star.

Heart, are you great enough
For a love that never tires?
O heart, are you great enough for love?
I have heard of thorns and briers.

Over the thorns and briers,
Over the meadows and stiles,
Over the world to the end of it
Flash of a million miles.

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