Friday, April 8, 2011

weekend update 4/8/11

D bops,

Lots of cool stuff happening this weekend, but first an addendum to the story of the six year old getting up and rocking out on stage that we mentioned last week. We received the following e-mail in response: "I would like to proudly identify the 6 year old girl from Tuesday night. She is Jane Rebecca Poole, our granddaughter. I was there Tue to support Laurie and her daughter. I met my daughter Christina there along with Jane. In Jan 2010 Jane was diagnosed with Leukemia and has undergone chemotherapy ever since. She will require chemo for another year or more. Her prognosis is great and she is very positive. Last summer she did a lemonade stand to help pay for some of her medical bills. She made it on Fox national news. Jane has been coming to the D-note since birth. Mainly for the Clamdaddys on Weds. When she was released from the hospital the first time in Jan 2010, she requested going to the D-note to celebrate. On Tuesday she took money from her piggy bank to donate for Jesse. She really enjoyed the music of the Something Underground. She danced to every song. The last song they did was a Journey song I believe and it is also done by her favorite group 'FACE'. She simply stared at Seth while he sang that song. She was talking to Seth after and it took us all by surprise when he invited her onstage. We had no idea what to expect, but it worked like magic. I think she sang the same tune but stuck in her own words. When she returned to the table she proclaimed that it was "awesome, a dream come true". We know Jane to be an awesome girl, but we applaud a place like the D-note that can allow this kind of magic to happen. Larry Ruppel" Thanks for sending Larry, that story pretty much justifies everything we do.

Tonight, Friday, April 8 we have James Hurtado playing 5-6:30pm, Free Friday Afternoon Concert.

Then at 7pm Dae Dai feat. SOULFORCE. Dae Dai used to play with the now legendary Future Jazz Project and we are excited to see what he does with this new configuration. $10.

At 9:30pm we have a hip hop flavored show, Latenite Entertainment presents Smoke G's Smoke Sessions Vol 2 feat. Smoke G, 20:12, Diamond Boiz & Arkatek. $7 admission with free copy of Smoke Sessions Vol 2.

Saturday we have Sentimental Sounds Big Band Orchestra playing at 4pm. We love the big bands. Free!

Then at 7pm Saturday we have a CD release show for Swing Je T'aime (feat. Woodcut Jumper dance troupe) We caught these guys at Bliss once and were wowed. Gypsy Jazz of the highest caliber, very cool. $7.

And then at 9:30pm Saturday we have an Intimate Evening W/ The Queen Beez (WUTANG sisters). We heard about this local all female homage to the Wutang Clan after they packed out the Walnut Room a few months ago. We are very excited to have them at the D Note. We just found out they will be going on tour with Raekwon himself in the near future, so they are definitely going places. $7.

Hard to beat a Saturday night like that one, Big Band into Gypsy Jazz into Wutang Clan.

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D Wops,

Extra Credit: The poet Paul Violi died last week. Paul was one of the more entertaining poets out there, with a fantastic imagination and a sharp sense of humor. Here's a small sample.


What'll it be?

Roast beef on rye, with tomato and mayo.

Whudduhyuh want on it?

A swipe of mayo.
Pepper but no salt.

You got it. Roast beef on rye
. . . You want lettuce on that?

No. Just tomato and mayo.

Tomato and mayo. You got it.
. . . Salt and pepper?

No salt. Just a little pepper.

You got it. No salt.
You want tomato.

Yes. Tomato. No lettuce.

No lettuce. You got it.
. . . No salt, right?

Right. No salt.
You got it. — Pickle?

No, no pickle. Just tomato and mayo.
And pepper.


Yes, a little pepper.

Right. A little pepper.
No pickle.

Right. No pickle.

You got it.

Roast beef on whole wheat, please,
With lettuce, mayonnaise and a center slice
Of beefsteak tomato.
The lettuce splayed, if you will,
In a Beaux Arts derivative of classical acanthus,
And the roast beef, thinly sliced, folded
In a multi-foil arrangement
That eschews Bragdonian pretensions
Or any idea of divine geometric projection
For that matter, but simply provides
A setting for the tomato
To form a medallion with a dab
Of mayonnaise as a fleuron.
And — as eclectic as this may sound —
If the mayonnaise can also be applied
Along the crust in a Vitruvian scroll
And as a festoon below the medallion,
That would be swell.

You mean like in the Cathedral St. Pierre in Geneva?

Yes, but the swag more like the one below the rosette
At the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

You got it.

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