Thursday, March 31, 2011

D Note love letter 3/31/11

D hive,

First thing's first. If you have Facebook then please "like us" on our page. We'll send updates of our pizza specials and special events. Plus you'll be part of the community and that is what it is all about.

Next, a story. This Tuesday the band Something Underground was playing a benefit at the D Note and a six year old girl got up on stage and belted out a song with the band. The song sounded like a classic, but we couldn't place it. We found out later from the band that they didn't know the girl. The girl wanted to sing a song with the band and the band gamely agreed. The girl couldn't give any direction to the band except to say the name of the song, a song which, apparently, she made up. The guys didn't know what to do until the girl said, "Okay guys, let's rock!" So the band started playing a 4 chord progression and the girl just started singing her song, hitting all the chord changes, building to a climax and wowing the audience. It seemed like she was an old pro, but she told the band it was her first time performing on stage. It was an incredible moment all the way around and inspiring to see a six year old get so wrapped up in the music in such a raw and powerful way.

Now for the news. This Friday, April 1, we have Oakhurst back in the house for an April Fool's Show. We always love to have Oakhurst in the house as they are a great bluegrass dance band, but we're extra excited this time because they've added one of Adam DeGraff's songs to their mix, "Twango". Come learn to do The Twango with us on Friday night. Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic opens the night at 6:30p, Dielectric Sound at 8pm and then Oakhurst takes the stage around 9:30pm. $10.

Saturday at noon the Music Train Family Concert Series presents Beatles Revival. Yellow Submarine? Octopus's Garden? Check and check. $7 adults/ $3 kids.

Saturday at 7pm we have our spring Hafla, with special guests Fuego Fusion (from Las Vegas). $7 adults/$5 kids. Lots of dancers and music by Yallah!.

Then at 10pm we have our favorite world fusion dance band, Mono Verde. We are really lucky to have bands like Mono Verde at the D Note and hope you won't let the opportunity to come hear them pass you by. You can pretend you are taking a trip to Rio or the tropical destination of your choice, because that is how this band will make you feel.

Heads up. Next Saturday night, April 9, we have a CD release party for Swing Je T'aime (an incredible Gypsy Jazz style swing band) followed by an an all female Wutang tribute band at 9:30p!

We a lot more going on during the week, so check out for the rest of the scoop.


D Scape

Extra Credit:

Philip Levine

My father stands in the warm evening
on the porch of my first house.
I am four years old and growing tired.
I see his head among the stars,
the glow of his cigarette, redder
than the summer moon riding
low over the old neighborhood. We
are alone, and he asks me if I am happy.
``Are you happy?'' I cannot answer.
I do not really understand the word,
and the voice, my father's voice, is not
his voice, but somehow thick and choked,
a voice I have not heard before, but
heard often since. He bends and passes
a thumb beneath each of my eyes.
The cigarette is gone, but I can smell
the tiredness than hangs on his breath.
He has found nothing, and he smiles
and holds my head with both his hands.
Then he lifts me to his shoulder,
and now I too am among the stars,
as tall as he. Are you happy? I say.
He nods in answer, Yes! oh yes! oh yes!
And in that new voice he says nothing,
holding my head tight against his head,
his eyes closed up against the starlight,
as though those tiny blinking eyes
of light might find a tall, gaunt child
holding his child against the promises
of autumn, until the boy slept
never to waken in that world again.

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