Thursday, March 3, 2011

weekend update 3/3/11

D rigueur

One of the truly wonderful things about the D Note is being a part of the musical community of Colorado. There are communities within communities and they cross over one another in myriad ways. It would be a fun exercise, if we but had the time, to make Venn diagrams of the overlapping circles. A good place to start the diagramming would be this Friday at the D Note. We have a show that features several performers who could be considered scenesters, or better put, supporters of other performers. One of these bands include Quillion, who has a very tight connection to the D Note. They know everyone at the D Note, but also know seemingly everyone else in the scene and so do their part to stitch it all together into a crazy Quillion quilt. Q Diva Experience also will be playing and you will meet the souldful and dynamic lead singer Quana everywhere once you meet her once. Kristina Ingham and Elana Rogers are performing Friday night and ditto. They all know each other and support each other too, and the result is a whole which is even greater than the powerful parts. Come experience the love, starting at 7p on Friday. $5

At 11p on Friday we feature another great scenester, Chris Budin. We once went to a drumming party in Chris' basement where he played house music while we all drummed. Chris is going to be doing a DJ set at the D Note Friday night with live drumming and it will be wicked. (BTW Budin's band Oakhurst will be playing the D Note April 1st).

Tyson Ailshe's jazz trio will be opening the night Friday with a free concert at 5pm, a spirited way to start your weekend.

Saturday we have 14 hours of music planned. (A serious marathon for our sound engineer. Let's hear it for the amazing Greg Rendon.) First we have Zumba (dance excercise) at 10:30am. Then at noon we have a garage band recital by Music Lessons Of Westminster. At 5pm we have a recital for the (very) advanced students of JT Nolan. These students will have one of the best back up bands you could ask for with Matt Skellenger, Kailin Yong and Paul Muliken. We're envious! At 7:30pm Drew Schofield Band will be taking the stage, followed by the blues rock of Blind Child. And at 11pm the indie rock band SuperSeed will be playing. $5. Whew!

Sunday morning at 10am we have a new yoga instructor, Nicki Viera, who comes highly recommended. Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff will be there playing music for the yogis and meditaters.

Then at 11:30am Sunday morning we have a new monthly residency (first Sunday of the month), an electronica house party for ravers and the kids of ravers dubbed Sunday School. Resident deejays Tom Hoch and BioJeff will be spinning house music. This is a chance for those of you that, until you had kids, used to dance all night to get back on the floor WITH your kids. You can have it all. We'll also be featuring, as usual, our fantastic brunch menu of breakfast pizzas and frittatas. Mello Cello Brunch will be back next week and resume the rest of the month. $5 adults/ kids free.

Next Tues is Fat Tuesday and we are having a party with The D Note Mardi Gras Krewe featuring the Joseph Barton Trio at 7:30pm. $5. There will be specials on Hurricanes and Jambalaya.

Next Friday night we have Bop Skizzum in the house. Yes.


D mando

Extra Credit: Turns out Charlie Sheen is a poet. Here's a sample of some of his recent work.

In the Air and On the Ground

I got magic
And I got poetry
At my fingertips
Most of the time
And this includes naps.
I’m an F-18
And I will destroy you
In the air,
And I will deploy my ordnance
To the ground.

Like Lambs to the Slumber

So just shut your traps
And put down your McDonald’s,
Your magazines,
Your TMZ
And the rest of it,
And focus
On something that matters.
But you can’t focus
On things that matter
If all you’ve been is asleep
For forty years.
Funny how sleep
Rhymes with sheep.

On Deaf Ears

Did you say Cancun
Or caboose?
I don't know,
I was in a blackout, man.

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