Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend update 3/10/11

Symphony in D,

As we write this we are listening to a mix tape called Lullabies and Dream Songs, which you can download free on This is a website that puts out roots music "mix tapes" that derive from a little specialty record store in Mississippi. Just thought you might like to know about this treasure trove.

This weekend we have some amazing music for you. First we have Bop Skizzum. Bop is a band that knocked our socks off at the D Note a few years back. They were on hiatus for awhile as front man Andy Guerrero was busy with his band The Flobots, who blew up to national status. Now Bop is back, with Guerrero intact, along with Serafin Sanchez and the rest of the crew. The word is they are even better than they were before. Strings Like The Sun, a tasty indie rock band from Arvada, will be opening at 7pm. The great DJ Chonz will join Bop Skizzum during the end of their set and spin into the night. It should be one of the thousand or so best nights in D Note history (as Phil the door man likes to say.) $7/$10 (under 21)

Saturday at noon we're having our annual Rummage Sale and Community Charity Donation. Clean out your closets and pick something new up too.

At 4pm Saturday we have Steal Hearts and Fervor. Fervor is indie rock and Steal Hearts are more folky. $5.

7pm Saturday we have a benefit for Dry Bones, an organization that helps homeless kids get off the street. Sarah Peacock, a country pop singer from Atlanta GA with a bouyant style will be playing for this benefit. $5-$10 suggested donation.

9:30pm Saturday night we have a very cool trip hop style band called Love Royale. This band features the drumming of our friend David Petry and the music is very cool.

Sunday morning yoga led by Nicki Viera w/ live meditation music w/ Melissa Ivey and Adam DeGraff was beautiful last week and we hope you can join us this week. Starts at 10am sharp. It is a wonderful way to start the week.

Hope to see you soon,

D Symphony

Extra Credit: We heard a song by Cake the other day that seemed to go in this space, about a dark symphony, not in D, but in C. Written by Cake's John Mccrea.

Commission a Symphony In C

So you'll be an Austrian nobleman
Commissioning a symphony in C
Which defies all earthly descriptions

You'll be commissioning a symphony in C
With money you squeeze from the peasants

To your nephew you can give it as a present
This magnificent symphony in C

Completely filling the palace concert hall
It's warm and golden like an oven that's wide open
It has a melody both happy and sad
Built on victorious known triads

You've entered the room with great caution
Though no one in the hall is even watching
They are transfixed
They are forgetting just to breath
They are so taken by your symphony...
In C

You're sitting there thinking your thoughts
They are not about what is but what is not
You are sitting there breathing in your breath
You are seldom breathing life but mostly death

So you'll be an Austrian nobleman
Commissioning a symphony in C
Which defies all earthly descriptions
You'll be commissioning...
A symphony...

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