Thursday, March 24, 2011

weekend update 3/24/11

D Rex,

It is a amazing how far things like music and humor will go to help give you a lift when you need one. So we shall try to provide you with both, in case you might need one. First the humor:

A woman walks into a bar. Bartender says, "What can I get for you?" The woman says, "I'll have a double entendre please". So the bartender gave it to her.

Now for the music:

Our old friends The Duke Street Kings will be kicking it this Friday night 7-10pm. This is a benefit for Habitat For Humanities. $8. Rock and roll.

At 10pm Friday we have a free showcase for Velcro City Records. This is a very cool electronica label. Check out the wicked flyer and more info here.

Saturday at 4pm we have a ballroom dance lesson (given by Booths Danceport) followed by a big band performance by Serenade In Blue. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

At 8pm we have five indie bands. This show was curated by Bonnie And The Beard, a band that blew us away when the played the D Note in the fall. The line up is Crook's Coat, FaceMan, Bonnie And The Beard, Woodrose and SlakJaw. We are super excited for this one.

We are also excited for a strangely dynamic show coming up this next Tuesday. First Something Underground is going to play a benefit to help cover some medical expenses for our friend Laurie Anderson's daughter. Donations welcome. Then at 8pm a progressive indie rock band from Ithaca NY called Ayurveda is coming back through the D Note. Since they've been here last they've put out a concept album that has been getting raves. We're looking forward to hearing it live. Then we have a very cool local band called The Raven And The Writing Desk. $5.

Also, did you know we have one of the longest lasting and best salsa nights in the midwest? Every Sunday night. Just a reminder, in case you forgot. Only $8, includes a salsa lesson and a rotation of salsa orchestras. It gets tropical up in here.


D formation

Extra Credit: While trolling the Facebook we stumbled across a poem by Stephen Ellis that caught our attention. We breathe a little more life into it here, for those of you paying close attention.


Mind's ice rendered

glass, the window

through which to stare

as if there were

an outside to break

into: Madness is just

the spike already

rusted deep within

my arm that keeps

these seizures close

at hand. If there is

a bird in sight, why am I

not riding on its

back? Is it force of

circumstance that I be

standing on a stone?

"Winged chariot," they

always scoff: "Just be

fantastic and lie back down

in bed." I bled

for the right to be

torn apart, and now

my time has come.

The gold is only ever

clear when the bowstring's

pulled all the way

back. Hear the music?

See the chardonnay simmer

in my vacant eyes? I

dissolved my father's

teeth in it. And now

streets and fields of

green once his are

unalterably barren,

pissed on, grown wild

and completely mine.

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