Thursday, February 24, 2011

update 2/24/11

D nation

For all of you Pisces and wanna be Pisces and friends of Pisces, we have put together a special show for you this Friday night at 7pm w/ Pearls 4 Breakfast, SoundRabbit and Greensleeves. It's a Pisces party, and Pisces are known to party. Pearls 4 Breakfast is new to us, but sound promising. SoundRabbit, playing at 8:30pm, is a killer pop band that should be world known by now since they are so infectious. Greensleeves is a deejay playing at 10pm and spinning disco, funk and old school hip hop. $5, Pisces get in FREE.

Saturday afternoon at 3pm we have a benefit show and silent auction for the West Arvada Dog Park, featuring the music of Open Range and Patty Jackson.

Saturday night we have a fundraiser for White Rabbit, an organization that is raising money for a youth center. The event starts at 7pm and will include a harpist, belly dancers and live drumming. There will be 30 artists on display, with sales of work going toward the youth center. A goth band called Beryl Beloved will play at 11pm. Donations accepted at door.

It will be a special weekend, benefiting youth, dogs and Pisces!


D Notary

Extra Credit: We found out this morning that our friend, the poet Akilah Oliver, died last night. Rest in peace Akilah. Here is a selection from her poem Corruptions.

from Corruptions
by Akilah Oliver

Both of us so shy and I attracted to her translucence on display beneath chaotic knitted cap offsetting a deadpan sky, what passed for winter, a screen that made me want to go around saying “Dakota”, those clear consonants holding us dear...

She wrote me a picture that made a personal pronoun nascent

I wrote her a street in return, a green one with leafy things massing

She eventually began to notate scripture

I learned to run, to gallop

So bright, it is hallucinatory in this room, fear breaking like distant bones

I’ve navigated this life, somehow on the run

Standing here as I am away from Ave A, styling a Kmart coat rabbit fur lined collar & my afro wig, [writing in pauses] trying to capture the text

In recalling the details, I may have forgotten the particulars, of say, for example, rain

May I imagine well enough to live forever as this gunner, as this diviner, at rest at this port

May I want, again and, then, moisten the language.

Pull out of the closet, my shy mistress, Desire.

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