Thursday, February 17, 2011

d note love letter 2/17/11

Hot D8,

This Saturday we celebr8 our 8 year anniversary. We've put together a gr8 show for you. First we have Brittany Williams at 7pm. Brittany is one of our servers and we predict a big career for this woman. She has one of the most subtle voices we've heard, and it is still developing. Plus her original songs are really something. At 8pm we have the legendary Angie Stevens. We are thrilled Angie has agreed to play for us on this special occasion. She's a remarkable musician and performer and we can't w8. Seriously, big crush rock and roll. At 10pm we have a killer reggae band called Coral Thief and we'll dance the night away. $8 cover, bring a friend (or D8) for FREE.

Friday night we have the return of 2:10 Special at 5pm for the free Friday afternoon concert. At 7pm we have the return of Mute Man's Microphone and Wheelchair Sports Camp. At 10pm we have a violin maestro and DJ Jeff Hughes. This guy has a long list of accolades, including playing at the Grammys in 2008. He plays a kind of hip hop violin over tracks he has produced himself. He comes to us highly recommended from a friend that said, "you gotta hear this guy this guy into the D Note".

Another way cool thing happening this weekend is O-Tone Brass Band playing for Music Train Family Concert at 4pm on Saturday. Bring the kids. They will be D lighted. (D lit?) $7 for adults/$3 for kids.

We have a guest teacher for Yoga this Sunday, Darcy Hagerman. Melissa Ivey, Adam Degraff, Brittany Williams and others will be playing meditative music to help support your peace and practice. Come join the community. Bring your own mat. Class starts at 10am sharp.

Next Weekend is a party we put together specifically for Pisces and all friends of Pisces. Pisces are in the door for free, so spread the word. Great Pisces bands on board too, Pearls 4 Breakfast, SoundRabbit and Greensleeves.

Zumba is also happening, as well as salsa lessons, blues swing lessons, mello cello brunch, baby boogie, open stage, and much more.

That's most of it. Google the rest.



Extra Credit: A short line for a long week:

"If music be the food of love, play on." W. Shakespeare.

We will take this opportunity to play on and unveil the best conspiracy theory of all time for YOUR eyes only. The best version of the bible is the King James in our opinion. Why? Because this version is the one (in the English language) that pays the most attention to sound and music. Think of the psalms, how beautiful the language is, "yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. " Well, the theory we propose is that Shakespeare translated the Psalms. King James invited the best writers of his kingdom to translate the bible. Shakespeare was a favorite of King James, having written Macbeth for him. (Now there's a morality tale fit for a King!) Here's the evidence. Shakespeare would have been 46 years old during the time the King James Version was translated. If you go to Psalms 46 and count 46 words down from the top of the psalm and 46 words up from the bottom you will see the words "shake" and "spear". My guess is that for some reason Shakespeare asked (or was asked) not to take credit for the translation. One can guess reasons. But Shakespeare, being the genius he is, found an improbable, possibly divine, link between Psalms 46 and his own age and used it to reach the clever person who first uncovered this fantastic literary Easter egg, whomever they may be. Pass it on.

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