Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weekend update 2/10/11

D side,

This Friday night at 8pm we have a Flamenco dance performance by Cositas Buenas featuring Kevin Romero on guitar. $15/$12 students. One of the amazing benefits of the D Note has been the the immersion into different cultures, and Flamenco is perfect example. Who knew that there was such a strong contingent of Spanish music and dance in Colorado? We now know. By the way, if you want a Flamenco primer you can do no better than to start to with Garcia Lorca's essay on Duende. (google it)

After Flamenco we have the return of DJ Chonz at 10pm, definitely one of the best all around deejays in Colorado and we'll be dancing hard. Ladies free.

Saturday afternoon at 4pm we have Sentimental Sounds Big Band Jazz concert, which is a benefit for Sooper Credit Union Community Foundation. $10 suggested donation.

Saturday evening we have a big show featuring house favorites Stonebraker. Jon Boland will kick things off at 7pm, Zen Mustache at 8:30, Stonebraker at 10 and Broken Parts at 11:30pm. $5. Rock and roll!

Next Monday night is Valentine's Day and we encourage you all to come out and play a love song for your lover for open mic night. Add some D Note pasta and wine and could anything be more romantic? Sign up is at 6:30p and Jay Ryan will do his best to fit everybody in.

Next Tuesday at 7pm is an especially excellent songwriter showcase with Jason Vigil, Naor Nave, Jon Woodhead and Jay Ryan. You will swoon, guaranteed.

Next Saturday night is our 8 year anniversary party with Angie Stevens, Brittany Williams and Coral Thief, with a special poster art show by Matt Dougherty. Mark it down because we want you to be there to celebrate with us.


D ride

Extra Credit: A wintery poem by Adam DeGraff, a local poet whose poetry we first discovered on the side of a train.

Delayed In Central Station

The poetry of liberty. Writing on walls when no one's around.
Reading your own words as if feeling the kind gesture of touch.
The warmth of the touch, brushing against the back of your neck, caressing your ear. "My language trembles with desire."

The words are now embedded, the bride and groom wed.

Delayed by a snowstorm and a momentary ellipse
inside of Central Station, the center of all known
worlds. The center of nothing, all has stopped.
There is only time for this. This is everything.
The pen takes advantage of the lull
between the trains and fills the wall.

As slow as the mind will go. The mind is
making connections to worlds unknown.

Who is there? What is on the wall of your train?
These words dissolve. A man full of nothing, happy,
stops to look...

Train tagging in a winter wonderland.

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