Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love letter 10/13/11

D tocks

How, hi are you?

Tomorrow night, Friday Oct 14, at 7pm we enter into the magic land of the Beatles with the tribute band The 3eatles. This will be the third visit by this band to the D Note. It has been a blast the last few times and we expect the same this time. Goo goo G'joob. $7. After The 3eatles at 9pm we have the Idlewhile band. Hillbilly swagger with a touch of Bauhaus. Driving music. $5

Saturday at 4pm we have a Music Train Family Concert w/ The blue Canyon Boys. We've had this band in the D Note before and they are great. The whole family will dig. $7/$3 kids.

At 7pm Saturday we have our friends The Duke Street Kings rocking out to the classics. Bring your dancing shoes. At 9pm we have a CD release for Squidlick, a hard rocking band worth checking out. And we end the night with Between Fate, slinging melodic grunge a la Foo Fighters. $5.

Yoga on sunday at 10am is calling your name. Salsa on Sunday night will be beautiful too.

We've got a flamenco show next Friday. A halloween themed belly dance extravaganza next Saturday. Then the following week we have Something Underground, Meniskus, Slo Children and Angus Mohr coming your way.


D Facto

Extra Credit: All talk is slippery. So let us have a poem by Elisabeth Frost.


Again I'm trying to explain how all talk is slippery.

See, I might want to convey one thing—frustration, say—
but all that gets conveyed is some other thing—rage—my hand
coming fast, erratic, menacing.

Who can say how a thing in words turns and flowers like that?
It happens.

Now say I want to say to you happiness.

No motive. Nothing behind it.
Just the awareness of a valve suddenly opened and—

It's in the lungs, the bones.
But somehow all you hear is I don't need you.

We're in this room, and you're not hearing
how I'm still trying to say this thing to you.

I'll say it again. Here. Happiness.

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