Thursday, January 19, 2012

D Note love letter 1/19/12

Dear Antlers,

Cold yesterday, then crazy winds last night and now a sunny warm day. Gotta love the Colorado weather drama.

This Friday night we have Dustin Morris at 5pm (free), followed by Joelle Joyce, followed by the bluesy rock of Blind Child followed by local rock heroes Quillion. $5. Give it up for getting down.

Saturday at 4pm we have an awesome show for the kids as Music Train Family Concerts presents: Kutandara (African Marimba Ensemble) $7 adults/$3 kids.

At 7pm we have the Rocky Mountain Opera Bowl: The Italian Stallions vs. The Dirty Fachers. The first of its kind, this classical smackdown pits baritone Tony Domenick against mezzo-soprano Cassidy Smith in a vocal sporting event-style competition. Special guest judges and audience participants will decide who takes home the crown, so pick your team and cast your vote. We love doing fun and different stuff like this and hope you will come out to support it so we can keep doing it! $5

At 9pm we have Bourbon Toothpaste. If their band name and funky posters are indicative of their live shows, we're in for a treat. An experience that ranges from Hard Rock and Metal to Jazz, Funk and Bluegrass. Check out their website at for a, ahem, taste. $5

At 10:30pm we have Number Station, epic early 90's shoegazer rock style. $5.

We were dancing at the packed to capacity salsa night last Sunday and were just amazed that this dance phenomena has been going strong at D Note for over 8 years. You just have to experience it to really understand why it is so great. The bands are high energy and the dancers are spectular. Come take a lesson and see.

Next Friday night, we have a Tom Petty cover band, for you Petty fans.

Okay, we're in,

D answer

Extra Credit: A silly salsa sonnet

Salsa @ D Note

Standing behind the bar
Staring in awe at the dancers
Killing it on the dance floor
When a drop of water

Hits my ear. I turn to Diandra
And ask why she wanted to
Throw water on my ear for?
She says it wasn't her.

I ask who else it could be?
She answers the sweat
Of the dancers. The heat
Causes sweat to condense
On the ceiling and so the sweat
of all the dancers in the room
had fallen into my ear. Sweet!
I say, that's the perfect metaphor.

Yuck! she says. Salty, I say
And leave to join the dance floor.

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