Thursday, January 5, 2012

D Note love letter plus poem 1/5/12

D finest,

Here we go 2012. We're sure a few of you remember when 2001 seemed like the distant future? A la 2001 Space Odyssey? Well, here we are a decade later with these little phones that connect us to the information of the world, like a super power. Pretty cool being in the future. Of course for you young'uns out there it probably just seems like the present.

Tonight, Jan 5, we have Geeks Who Drink Trivia (Fun! Funny! Funnyny!) at 6:30 followed by Martin Gilmore's picking circle (bring your axe!).

Tomorrow night we have great jazz/funk from Charlie Milo Trio at 5pm (free), followed by acoustic pop of Treehouse Sanctum at 7pm, followed by power pop of SoundRabbit at 9pm followed by bass driven prog rock of Stealth Hippo at 10pm. Stealth Hippo features Matt Dougherty, the genius behind the D Note posters. $5.

Saturday at 4pm we have Steel Drum band from Boulder called Steel Alive. A great family concert. The Kids will love it. $5-$10 suggested donation.

Saturday at 7pm we Dwight Carrier and The Blues Krewe, a Zydeco Legend from Louisiana back by popular demand. $10. Then at 9:30pm we have two great indie bands, The Belle Jar and Reviving Cecilia. $5

Next Tuesday we have a big band concert with Serenade In Blue. A swing dance lesson starts at 6pm and band at 7pm. $10 for both.

Then Wednesday we have Lark Mervine teaching Swing Dance at 7pm. First lesson free. Lark has amazing energy and is a great teacher, so come help kick start her Wednesday night dance lessons.

Okay, that's the gnus,

D man

Extra Credit: Here's a lesser known, but appropriate, poem by Robert Frost.

In A Glass of Cider
t seemed I was a mite of sediment
That waited for the bottom to ferment
So I could catch a bubble in ascent.
I rode up on one till the bubble burst,
And when that left me to sink back reversed
I was no worse off than I was at first.
I'd catch another bubble if I waited.
The thing was to get now and then elated.

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