Friday, April 19, 2013

D Note love letter 4/18/13

D flowers,
Here's to water! (even in it's frozen form, snow.) Good for the flowers.

This weekend we have a the Rolling Stone-esque rock and roll of The Duke Street Kings on Friday night followed by the Journey-esque music of Eclipse. Then Saturday night we have the incredible flamenco guitar master Steve Mullins and his projects The Rim Of The Well and The Muro and Mullins Guitar alliance. At 9:30p Saturday, we have a 420 show with the Primus tribute band Mr. Knowitall. This is one of those tribute bands where you shut your eyes and can't even tell the difference. We end the night with one of our favorite all time weird sing-along bands, The Inactivists. Here's to fire! Good for the smoke.

Fundraiser for Cancer w/ The Duke Street Kings.

Eclipse (Journey Tribute Band) $5
Zumba $8

[4:00p ]
Family Music Train presents: Raising Cain (80's Rock). $7 adults/$3 kids.

The Muro and Mullins Guitar Alliance, Rim Of The Well. $15/$12 students

Mr. Knowitall (Primus tribute band) and The Inactivists $5
Free Form Yoga ($5 - $10 Suggested Donation)

303 Choir "Local Heart" Benefit w/ Paa Kow By All Means Band

Salsa Dancing (lesson at 8pm, Conjuntos Colores at 9pm) $8
Zing The Big Band $7

Tuesday Swing Night feat. The Stilettos
The Big Blues Jam
Geeks Who Drink trivia quiz.

Beer Pong

Also. Here's to air! Here's to earth! Elemental, my dear Watson.
Extra Credit: Here's a beautiful sequence of Haiku from Issa, one of the great masters from the 18th century. This translation is from the Penguin book of Haiku. Dig how the Haikus work on their own and in the sequence.
For fleas, also

Slowly, slowly, climb
Up and up Mount Fuji,
O snail.

Far-off mountain peaks
Reflected in its eyes:
The dragonfly.

For fleas, also, the night
Must be so very long,
So very lonely.

Stop! Don’t swat the fly
Who wrings his hands,
Who wrings his feet.

With bland serenity
Gazing at the far hills:
A tiny frog.

Emerging from the nose
Of Great Buddha’s statue:
A swallow.

Spring rain:
The uneaten ducks

Red sky in the morning:
Does it gladden you,
O snail?

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