Thursday, April 25, 2013

D Note love letter 4/25/13

D tails,
Howdy do? We do D. How?
For those of you that haven't experienced the highland rock and roll of Angus Mohr, we suggest you check them out Saturday night. They do classic rock and roll in an epic fashion, including bagpipes. Their version of Dylan's Hard Rain is one of the best we've ever heard.
Speaking of classic rock, The Legendary Hitchhikers do a beautiful Tom Petty Tribute and will be playing a family show on Sunday afternoon at 3pm ($10 for the adults).
Some good big band music Saturday afternoon. Free

Some free jazz next (uh, free in the monetary sense) next Tuesday night.
Ahhhh, music!


D Scribe

Extra credit: This week we feature a new poem by...myself. May it forever change your perception of a certain song we all know and love.


"Doe, a deer, a female deer"

You hold in your mind the image of a deer.

A female deer.

Hold it there for a moment.

Look how beautiful she is.

"Ray, a drop of golden sun"

We have added the sun to the picture.

The deer is now there in the sun.

You can feel the sun.

(And note the adjective "golden".)

"Me, a name I call myself"

Now, by juxtaposition, you have yourself.

You have the thing that you call yourself.

This "me" escalates out of the "doe" in the "ray".

You are a female deer outside in the sun.

"Fa, a long long way to run"

You are a deer running in the sun!

And you have a long, long way to go.

"Sew, a needle pulling thread"

The needle is the deer (you) leaping as it sews,

Leaping there in the sun, sewing a crazy quilt.

"La, a note to follow sew"

The notes are the leaps of the deer, you, the needle,

leaping up the mountain, up the cloth, up the scale.
The deer slows, near the top of the mountain now, tired,

her voice straining to reach the next note...

"Tea, a drink with jam and bread"

You, she, deer, calls for a rest,

to stop for a refreshing picnic.

"Which brings us back to doe doe doe doe"

The food brings you back to yourself,

nourishes you, literally becomes you

and you're ready to start again

escalating up the endless scale.

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