Thursday, September 25, 2008

late September, ought eight

D generous,

One of the coolest things about the run of the D Note so far is the long term affairs we've had with certain bands. The Reals, for instance, or Otone Brass Band, The Clamdaddys and so on. We've been very fortunate. One of the hottest of these affairs is with the band Elephant Revival. We all have this band on our i pods! So it is particularly sweet that Elephant Revival is celebrating their CD release party at the D Note this Friday night. Kevin DeForrest opens at 7:30pm. $8. Come swoon with us.

Saturday night we are closed for a wedding. Ah, shucks.

Sunday night would be a good time to finally take those salsa lessons you've been meaning to take forever.

Check out the new face lift at Thanks to Sean Wolter for his good work.

as per usual,

D rigor

Extra Credit: A short sharp aphorism from Dan Rodriguez of Elephant Revival.


If I go, better not roam.
If stay, better stay free.

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