Thursday, September 25, 2008

mid to late September, ought eight

Dearest Note of All,

among the others equally dear, each themselves each the center of the universe. Astro-physicists have proved that all matter is moving away from all other matter; not moving away from some central source, a la big bang, as might be expected, but equidistantly from everything else. In other words each vantage point is the center of the universe. Try getting your head around that one...

while you listen to music at the D note to soothe the sore brain. Thursday night, Sept. 18, we have a singer songwriter showcase with Jay Ryan and friends. Always fun. And then at 9pm we have a Zydeco lesson followed by The Zydematics, a killer local Zydeco band. Remember, learning a new dance is better than anything on television.

Friday night we have a rock and roll band called Cobalt Jack at 7pm. Then at 9pm we have pandemonium in the form of Adam D's 40th birthday party. Slo Children will play a rare set around 9:30pm. Lionel Young will be up on stage along with Chris Aaron, Ken Karnisky, Alejandro Castano, Geoff LaPlante and more. No cover, but we will be accepting donations toward The Delores Project, a fantastic grassroots organization which helps shelter and feed homeless women in Denver. And did we mention Lionel Young, the man, the myth, the legend? We're gonna try to get him to do Bach's Chaconne for Adam's birthday, perhaps the most sophisticated, difficult and beautiful piece of music ever written.

Saturday night we are closed for a wedding. The cool thing about this wedding is that the couple met at the D Note!


D volve

Extra Credit: How about a poem by Adam D written in the bathroom stalls on the occasion of turning 40?

Upon Turning 40

Yesterday I was coming
and coming and come,

Tomorrow I am going
and going and gone.

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