Wednesday, September 3, 2008

mid to late August, ought eight


One of the odd things about the D Note is that it has caused us to think more about the letter D than normal. The D goes deeper as a letter than we at first realized. Here's what we've learned from close observation. The first word a baby says naturally is "ma". This is why "ma" is the universal word for mother, as a baby names that from which it comes with its first word. "Ma" is, not coincidentally, the reverse of "am", the word for self being. "Ma" can also be heard as the reverse of "Aum", the sound the ancient Sanskrit yogis called God because it contained within its sonic spectrum all potential sounds of the universe, from the "ah" in the back of the mouth to the "mmm" in the front as the lips close. Placing the tongue in the middle of the mouth, the middle of this spectrum of sound, makes the "d" sound. Thus the second sound a baby naturally makes is "da". This is the first consonant. Thus with the baby's second word he names his father, "da". Just as man penetrates woman to create life, so the sound "da" penetrates the word "ma" to create language. Ta da!

And of course there is also the language of music. The 6th note of the 12 tone scale is named after D. You will hear many clever uses by many creative people of both the letter D and the note D any night you happen into the D Note. This weekend is no exception.

A couple highlights include the guitarist Cari Dell playing with the blues rock band Bandango this Friday night. Cari is one of the best guitarists in the world and we hear she's fun to watch too. 2:10 Special opens the night at 7:30pm.

Saturday night is a benefit for Unicef with some stellar local bands. We've wanted to get Autumn Film in for awhile and we're glad for this chance to have them. Here's a nice description from The Onion, "Like a post-collegiate Fiona Apple jamming with Snow Patrol, [The Autumn Film] serves up a piano-drenched sincerity topped off with a voice that's wise and heartbroken beyond its years." Andrea Ball and A Girl Named Kyle make this bill even more impressive. 7pm, $10-$20 donation.

D love,

D Scribe

Extra Credit: We were rooting around in a treasury of used books around the corner from the D Note, Dick's Books, and found a fantastic anthology of poems by kids called "A Slow Flash of Light". Here's a provocative prose poem from this over-brimming collection by first grader Sierra Collum.

Whipcream Moments

this is a day with many whipcream moments. then what did we say wrong? to understand what happened when it went soft on us with talk, we must go south to the hospital of cats and get sick. so they went and bought love to blow up. a day was coming to their tail when the blood came plopping all in your beans with many pennies of plastic dada poems slipping all through the president and lace went floating in mommy's bathtub. the answer is in your country with wild butterscotch camels in pools of melted molasses where camels love people and.

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