Thursday, August 6, 2009

late July, 09

D verse,

Pretty serious weather around these parts on Monday. Hope everyone is okay. The winds were severe enough to fell a 150 yr old pine tree in brother Jeremy D's front yard in Wheatridge. Fortunately the tree fell toward the street and not the house.

And speaking of natural forces, Lionel Young is coming back to rock the D Note this Friday, July at 9pm. There was a time, a glorious time, when we had Lionel every Friday night. Some of you will remember. Then Lionel won the prestigious 2008 International Blues Challenge (much deserved) and was suddenly gone, touring around the world. Our local secret was out. We're excite to have him back for a rare show. If you haven't heard him before you'll be wowed. He always gets the crowd dancing hard. Opening for Lionel at 7pm is Steve Edmonson. Steve is a friend of the D Note and a killer blues player in his own right. $5.

Saturday night we have an "acoustic" showcase for the Denver Art Rock Collective (DARC) starting at 8:30pm and featuring Lions The Brave, The Limbs and Yerkish. "...A complex, cerebral, thinking man's rock that could never be labeled predictable. Yerkish's songs veered close to the dark, metal edge of Jane's Addiction and at times resembled the multifaceted eclectic style of The Mars Volta." Kevin Galaba - Westword. $5

At 5:30pm Saturday we have a student belly dance show put together by Phoenix. Free.

At 2pm Saturday we'll have our Pint Club with samples from The Victory Brewing Company.

At noon Saturday we have a wedding reception open to the public for an old friend of the D Note, Turtle. Paying Tuition, Cellar Door and others will play. Free.

On Sunday the Baby Boogie will be back in full swing from 2-6pm and then salsa at 8pm. For you salsa fans our apologies about the heat last week. The air conditioner is fixed and ready to cool you down!

Next Tuesday we have a benefit for our server Jay Gonzales who had a bad accident and is laid out for several weeks with mad medical bills and no incoming salary to pay rent. Slo Children, Aden Harrell and friends, The Clamdaddys, Wonderlic and Mint Novacaine will all play this benefit for Jay starting at 6:30pm. Please come by and donate whatever you can afford to help Jay out!


D liver

Extra Credit: A quote from the philosopher Martin Heidegger makes the poem for this week.

Celebration is attentiveness,
is questioning, is meditating, is awaiting,
is the step over into the more wakeful
glimpse of the wonder -- the wonder
that a world is worlding around us at all,
that there are beings rather than nothing,
that things are and we ourselves are in their midst,
that we ourselves are and yet barely know who we are,
and barely know that we do not know this.

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