Thursday, August 20, 2009

mid to late Aug, 09

D signs,

We had a dream a few nights ago in which we were staring up and saw the words "by destiny" written in neon across the ceiling. The "destiny" flickered out, leaving only the "by". After awhile the word "design" lit up where "destiny" had been. It was a kind of art installation. From destiny to design. This is a dream we will contemplate for a thousand years.

Destiny or design? One or the other, maybe both, is bringing Quillion to the D Note this Friday night for a CD release party. The members of Quillion are all good friends of the D Note and we are proud that they have chosen to release their first CD here. Check out the article about the show in the Milehigh News. Playing before Quillion will be Cody Crump and The Stigmas and after will be Mechanical Dan. $5.

Saturday night we have the popular Hafla, with belly dance performances starting at 7pm and then the neo-middle eastern band Yallah! playing around 8:30pm. The theme for this hafla will be seasons and elements. $6 adults/$5 kids. After the hafla at 10pm one of our favorite local bands, Mono Verde, is playing their high energy version of latin reggae. Dance, dance, dance. $6.

Tonight, Thursday, Aug. 20, we have Chris McGarry doing his old time new songs and Lisa Genee playing after trivia. Check out the cool poster on Lisa's myspace. $5.

Next Tuesday night at 8pm we have the return of Violent Hippie, a band from South Dakota neither violent nor hippie, but rather minimalist experimental rock. $5.

Written on ether,

D stiny

Extra Credit: We've featured the early 20th century poet Edna St. Vincent Millay here before. Here's another great poem by her we've just discovered.

Modern Declaration

I, having loved ever since I was a child a few things, never having
In these affections; never through shyness in the houses of the
rich on in the presence of clergymen having denied these
Never when worked upon by cynics like chiropractors having
grunted or clicked a vertebra to the discredit of these loves;
Never when anxious to land a job having diminished them by a
conniving smile; or when befuddled by drink
Jeered at them through heartache or lazily fondled the fingers of
their alert enemies; declare

That I shall love you always.
No matter what party is in power;
No matter what temporarily expedient combination of allied
interests wins the war;
Shall love you always.

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