Thursday, September 15, 2011

D Note love letter 9/15/11

Alveolar Plosives,

One of the odd side effects of writing this D mail has been thinking far more than normal about the letter D. Today we are thinking about the sound of the letter D. In most languages using the Latin alphabet, D represents the voiced alveolar plosive, but in the Vietnamese alphabet it represents the sound /z/ (pronounced /j/ in the southern variety). In Fijian it represents a prenasalized stop /nd/. In some languages where voiceless unaspirated stops contrast with voiceless aspirated stops, ‹d› represents an unaspirated /t/, while ‹t› represents an aspirated /tÊ°/. Examples of such languages include Icelandic, Scottish Gaelic, Navajo and the transliteration of Mandarin. Who knew?

This Friday we have Bill McKay from Leftover Salmon playing for free at 5pm. Killer dinner music! Then at 7pm we have the classic rock dance band The Bucktones. This will be followed by the horny funk/ska band In Due Time at 9:30p and then rock band Broken Parts at 11pm. $5.

Saturday we have the season opener of The Music Train Family Concert Series, featuring JT Nolan and friends. JT Nolan is an amazing songwriter and performer and generally has the best players in Denver on board. $7 adults/ $3 kids.

At 7pm we have The Jazz Partners (jazz) followed by Portobello Road (alternative blues rock) at 8pm. Then we have a super uper 3 band show put together by Matt Dougherty; Hellfire and The Mother Dog, Stealth Hippo and Firemouth $5. Great night of music. Check out Dougherty's poster in which he cleverly incorporates all 3 band names into the art here.

Sunday night we have the best salsa night in Denver (so says the authority on such matters, Salsa Central.)

Next Tuesday we have Jay Ryan's Acoustic Showcase w/Jay Ryan, Holly Lovell, Adam Lockwood and T. Strickland. FREE.

For the rest of what's going on check out

Love to you and yours,

Aspirated Stop

Extra Credit: There was an article about the French poet Arthur Rimbaud in a recent New Yorker. The author Daniel Mendelsohn includes an except from an unnamed poem by Rimbaud that gave us a special feeling and stuck in our memory. Almost a haiku.

I have recovered it.
What? Eternity.
It is the sea
Matched with the sun.

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