Thursday, September 1, 2011

D Note love letter 9/1/11

D purple,

The horror writer H.P. Lovecraft said "Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane." George Carlin said "Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." We're with George.

Friday night we have Alicia Fall a 5pm (free). At 7pm we have Bailout and Reunion Drive, rock and roll. $5. And then salsa and bachata lesson at 9:30p with DJ Juanito.

Saturday there is a bellydance swap 1-5pm (kind of like a yard sale, with clothes jewelry etc). Then at 7pm Pinetree Refugees (bluegrass), The Constant Tourists (indie folk rock) and Blow The Vault. (Americana folk bluegrass rock). This will be a fun night fo sho. $5.

Also you should know that we have started Tango/Swing dancelessons at the D Note on Wednesdays. $7. Led by Jess Rodriguez and Elizabeth Baker. A perfect dance lesson to lead into the music of the legendary Clamdaddys on Wednesday nights.

Heads up, next Friday we have a Led Zeppelin Tribute band Zeppyphilia. If you are a Zep fan mark your calendar.

Out and out,

D and wide

Extra Credit: An inspiring poem by Ellie Evans found on Daily Poetry website. How to make warts cool? Make them magic...

They were Too Poor for Buttons

They were too poor for buttons, so her mother would collect
cherry stones, apricot kernels or conkers, and would crochet round them.
When she went cleaning she was given cast-off jumpers
which she unravelled and made up again, re-mixed, so Jean
had a cardigan blue as Quink ink, with yellow walnut buttons
and a scarlet rose in a mohair mix, that covered up a hole.

I sat beside Jean in Sunday School, admiring the silver paper
she'd saved from a cigarette packet and used to line her pencil box.
How I liked the lettuce-green of the blanket stitch around her cuffs,
but most of all, I envied her for the magic warts proud on her knuckles.

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