Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love letter 9/29/11

Dear Major D,

The key of D Major is well-suited to violin music because of the structure of the instrument, which is tuned G D A E. The open strings resonate sympathetically with the D string, producing a sound that is especially brilliant.

Tonight, Thursday 9/29, after Geeks Who Drink Trivia (so much fun) we have latin hip hop of Indigenous Peoples and Flowetry In Motion. If you are not already, get into it. $5.

Friday at 5pm we have Dustin Morriss playing. Free. Then we have the dance happy classic rock of PJ Zahn at 7p and then the blues rock of Big Muddy at 9pm. $5

Saturday night at 6:30 we have our annual benefit for Denver Family Institute w/ music by Clusterfunk (classic rock/dance). This organization always has a fantastic silent auction too. $10 suggested donation. Have fun and help out at the same time.


Private D

Extra Credit: Here's yet another attempt at our own translation of French poet Stephane Mallarme's impossible to translate poem, Petit Air.

Little Air (in D Major)

Any solitude

(without dock or swan)

mirrors its disuse

in my gaze withdrawn

from vanity

too high to be held

the sky streaked

with sunset's gold

but lazily skirts off

like white linen doffed

a fleeting white bird

in exultation dives

into the wave come to life

your naked joy

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