Thursday, December 15, 2011

D Note love letter 12/15/11

D Lux,

Hope you can make it to... D. All of the below.

A. This Friday at 5pm we have Hezekiah Goode, who's music sounds a lot like his name, country folk of the Lefty, Woody, Hank variety. Free.

Then at 7pm Friday we have T&T back in the house. These guys have been away for awhile and we're happy to welcome them back. It is duo consisting of Japanese Taiko drums and guitar, forming a big unique sound. $5.

At 9pm Friday we are happy to host a 900 lb Gorilla Cypher. What's that? It's a local hip hop thing, and this will be the release of a mixtape including Brer Rabbit (Flobots) Kalyn from Wheelchair Sports Camp, The High Tops and more. Gonna be fun. $5

B. This Saturday at 4pm Music Train Family Concert presents The Okee Dokee Brothers. Bring the family. The kids will love it. $7 adults/$3 kids.

Saturday night we have a special Haiti relief benefit w/ Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic (7pm), In Due Time (9pm) and August On The Equator (11pm) and live painting by Laurie Maves. This is a really good cause, with moneys going directly to relief work. See this article in the Westword for more info on the benefit. The band In Due Time, a truly infectious, super good and fun local band, is also using this show to produce a live CD, so your energy will be well used Saturday night! Also check out Matt Dougherty's beautiful poster for this evening here. $5-$10 suggested donation.

There will be lots of spirit next Tuesday as Bob's Big Band will be playing Christmas tunes starting at 7pm. Big band Christmas!

C. Also, we have an amazing line up for NYE this year, with Ron Miles trio (jazz legend) at 7pm, followed by the African reggae of Selasee and then the latin reggae of our favorite dance band Mono Verde at 11pm. Only $10 for the night.

D. All of the above.


D Me More

Extra Credit: Here's a ridiculous poem by Alicia Ostriker.


This is ridiculous
said the literary old woman
nobody gives us any respect
the young in one another's arms
are talking on their ipods
the politicians are lying through their teeth
and our husbands are taking a nap

this is ridiculous
said the tulip
all those genetically altered blossoms
those stupid long-lived orchids
that are practically plastic
and those fancy designer grasses
getting more than market share

this is ridiculous
said the dog
now they not only have to walk me
they have to rush up with their
sanitary plastic bags
what is it but old-fashioned


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Sureka Harshi said...

nice.. if you are an amateur, you can find tips to write your first love letter here. check it out and avoid spoiling yuor first love. :)