Thursday, December 22, 2011

weekend update 12/22/11 plus poem

D ears,

We've always thought that the letter D looks like an ear. Though it could also be other body parts we suppose. A round belly perhaps? Santa's belly? We're now imagining the D shaking when it laughs like a bowl full of jelly.

This Friday night we have Ryan Ambrose playing at 5pm (free), then Big Universe playing at 7:30pm. Big Universe is a fun cover band. This will be a benefit for Jeffco School Outdoor Labs. $5/$10 for family. At 10pm we have The Bottom Feeders (blues, R&B). $5

Then we are closed for Christmas eve. We'll be back open for salsa on Sunday night starting at 6pm.

We have a couple of great shows next weekend. Friday the 30th we'll The Teaching w/ Serafin Sanchez followed by the Lindsey O'brien band. Then on NYE we have an amazing show w/ Ron Miles Trio (legendary jazz great), Selassee (african reggae) and Mono Verde (latin reggae) and only $10...

Love to you and yours...

Extra Credit: We recommend a wonderful new translation of the 3000 year old Vijnana Bhairava Tantras by Dr. Lorin Roche. Here's a sample.

Sutra 64

Secrets are hidden in darkness

And difficult nights.

You awaken to a pang of aloneness,

A howl of separation.

This is the call of the Dark One,

The roar of life seeking its source.

The union you long for is within reach.

Throw off all hesitation.

Become one with the fear.

Plunge into the uncanny blackness,

Eyes wide open,

As if there were no other choice.

Vibrating with fierce tenderness,

Breathe intimately

With the Lord of infinite space.

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