Thursday, December 8, 2011

weekend update 12/8/11

Mellow D,

How's it going there? We hope you are taking fully advantage out of the beautiful weather, whether that means staying inside, curling up around a fire with a good book, or going gonzo outside, riding the giant wave of a mountain. Or maybe it means coming to the D Note to get hot pizza, hot toddy, hot music, hot dancing and hotties.

Tonight after Geeks Who Drink Trivia at 6:30pm we have a band called Crow Agency, rock, folk, and blues originals.

Tomorrow night, Friday Dec 9, we have the eclectic guitarist Robert Eldridge playing at 5pm. Free. You'll be amazed. Then at 7pm we have several indie rock bands. In order: Yardog Keeter, Botas Rodeo,The Atomic Americans, Circle Number Dot. It will be a very cool night of music. $5.

Saturday we have a lunch time welcome home concert for Victoria Woodworth at 1pm. Free. Victoria won Westword's Best Songwriter a few years back and then promptly moved to Nashville. She's coming back for a visit and we are glad to have her at the D Note for a special show while she's here.

At 7pm we have a Sarah Reed, performing acoustic solo, followed by Robert Eldridge's excellent chameleon like band ZEUT at 8pm. $5. Then at 9:30pm Saturday night we have a CD release for The Supreme Justice League on Velcro Records. Primo electronica. Check out the cool poster and get more info here.

That's the gist of the weekend. Lots more going on Sun through Wed. For more info check out

Love to you and yours,

D mando

Extra Credit: Our friend Noel Black just put out a great book on Ugly Duckling Presse called "Uselysses". Here is a sample poem.

Children of Children of Adam

I’ve been meaning to reread Whitman since we moved to Brooklyn a month ago,

so I finally pull down this strange beige Heritage Editions Reprints complete and
unabridged hardcover edition ex libris Dorothy Anne Naskin with illustrations by
Rockwell Kent that my grandmother gave me years ago.

It doesn’t have a publication date & only a strange preface from George Macy, Director of
The Heritage Club, explaining that the smaller margins and thinner paper have been
used so as to comply with the government’s wartime regulation governing reprints.

Also, there’s this strange image on the title page that cleverly spells “WW” in grass sprouting
out of a black block that contains the cryptic numbers 8611776 and 6071492
respectively in a deco font, which I imagine for a moment are the clues to George
Washington and Christopher Columbus’ posthumous Masonic cell phone numbers
in a teen time travel super-hero history mystery…

Anyway, I don’t love this edition, but it’s the only one I’ve got, and it’s getting late,

so I flip open to “Children of Adam” on page 96 and read:

“The boy’s longings, the glow and pressure as he confides to me what he was dreaming…”


“The limpid liquid within the young man…”

“What a queen!” I think,
remembering how naïve & surprised I was to find out he was gay,
though certainly not as surprised as when I found out my father was.

I wish Whitman could have saved him—
streaking back across the dark skies of history in his hot pink tights
with that grassy “WW” emblazoned across his chest
to kiss his eyes & tell him he would be alright.

I snap the book shut after a few pages,
head back to the kitchen for a drink of cold water
& stand in front of the window fan in my boxer shorts,
hand on my hip,
staring out at Whitman’s city—
all the night’s lights winking at me.

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