Friday, August 8, 2008

early july, ought eight

New D,

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In the new issue of The New Yorker there is a cartoon depicting a row of galley slaves rowing away in shadow and misery. But one man is looking out the window, his face lit by the sun coming through the porthole, a smile on his face. He says, "Oh, look, everyone. Dolphins."

This Saturday afternoon we will be dancing like dolphins in the waves to the music of our favorite classic rock band, The Reals, at 3pm. This will be one of the most joyous afternoons of our summer, for sure. $10 for adults, $3 for kids. Bring the family.

Saturday night we have Basheba Earth at 9pm, followed by the urban street style of 3 The Hardway. Basheba is a friend of our chef, Amy Wroblewski, and an awesome hip hop r&b talent. We've been trying to get her in forever now. If you like Erikah Badu, you'll love Basheba. $5. 3 The Hardway is a local collective of artists brought to us by our famous door man, Phil.

Tonight there is a benefit for The Rollin' Rockies, a wheelchair bound kids team that the D Note is sponsoring. Bless our matron saint Keriba for putting together this great night of music starting at 7pm. Ryan Madson, Jeff Wenberg from St. Paul Minnesota too, both good, then Lazy Face. Last time they played Lazy Face rocked our face. $10 suggested donation. Here's a little info Keriba sent, "The kids who play on the Jr's team struggle every day with the possibility of losing more mobility. They all love playing softball and if you were ever to come to a game or practice, you would see what I mean. The little boy in the picture on my blog gets so excited. The last time he went to practice, he would not let his Uncle help him. He was holding the handle to his duffel bag in his mouth and pushing himself. It was really sweet. I later learned that he will not be able to play much longer. He really really wants to play baseball and he dresses all in rockies stuff. They are letting him play in whatever chair he is able. Usually on the field it is sports chairs only. They are letting him use th electric just so he can continue. The story is sad, the cause is beautiful. They have NO money. They have no one to write grants. They have no donations... not even the Colorado Rockies (because they do not get enough exposure). They need special balls that are bigger and softer, they need special bats. They need to pay for the wheel chair access porta potties. They made Nationals (most of the time this is the only chance they get at real competition with other teams) in August. Most parents can not afford to drive their kids out to Omaha (OMAHA for Gods sake) and pay for hotel, food and any other expense. They can continue this year and maybe even have enough to start next year if we can raise $15,000. I need your help... I need you to put the word out, ask any groups you may be in to come out and enjoy the evening together while raising money. Thank you and I love all of you!"

Friday night The Spin takes us on another spin through the great dance anthems of the past! $7

That's the play for this weekend,

D olphins,

Extra Credit: The legendary label Drag City has some amazing songwriters, just some of the best contemporary poets out there. David Berman of The Silver Jews and Bonnie Prince Billy have been featured here in past d-mails. Bill Callahan, formerly known as Smog, is another poet songwriter from the label. Here's one that keeps playing in our head long after we turn off the player, from his fantastic new record, "Woke On A Whaleheart".


Some people are a sickness on this land
They're killing they're taking they're stealing whatever they can
Your life your money your heart your faith your bike
Anything Anything
Anything that is not bolted down

Learn from the animals
Monkeys do
Monkeys do
Monkeys do piggish things too

Learn from the vegetables
Monkeys do
Monkeys do
The way they strive toward the light
A small potato in the blight
Still strives toward the light
It's as dark as night

It is day tho.

Some would ask what are we to do
With a world that crumbles to the touch
A world that spins and dies where it stands
Like trying ain't enough

To family is all you can do
Even if it's just us two
To family is all you can do

And strive toward the light
It's as dark as night
Please strive toward the light
I know it's as dark as night

It is day tho.

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