Friday, August 8, 2008

Late June, ought 8

D mused,

First of all, most importantly, thank you to all who stayed with us! We lost hundreds of folks from our e-mail list due to the fault of our webserver and we very much appreciate those of you who weathered the storm. We're so sorry that you had to deal with so many confounded e-mails gumming up your inboxes!

Here's what happened. We asked our webserver to add the "remove me" feature to our d-mails and in the process of doing so they inadvertently changed our "preferences" so that when somebody replies to the d-mail it goes out to everybody on the list. Then, in the midst of the avalanche created by this snowball we could not get a hold of the webserver to stop the problem. (Those folks don't have phone numbers, since they are a "web" business, don't you know.) Of course we were sweating bullets trying to figure out how to get it stopped, wincing with each new e-mail that came out. When we finally were able to reach them and get it stopped there were 450 e-mails still in cue!

We also want to point out that the day it happened was a summer solstice full moon, one of the most powerful full moons of the year. Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not, but it certainly felt that way.

If you asked off the list and it didn't happen, our apologies. Please respond again that you want off and we'll make sure it happens. We know we missed a few. For the rest of you please print out this d-mail and bring it in for a free beer, the least we can do for all your e-mail deleting woes.

The silver lining was that amid the many angry e-mails were a few very kind and empathetic ones. Thank you! Those kind words really helped.

Onward, ho.

This Friday, June 27, 8:30pm, we have a killer Reggae show with Lion SoulJahs and DJ Uplifter (at 11pm). This is the first time we've had the venerable SoulJahs in the house and we are excited. This show was put together as a birthday party for our bartender/server Jesus. See, Jesus was born on Christmas day (thus the name) and therefore never gets a proper birthday party, so we thought we'd throw him one in June. $7

Saturday night is the return of the popular Hafla at 7pm. A great band, Yallah!, plays neo middle eastern music while several Belly Dance troupes perform and then afterwards is a group dance. The groups include The Sultry Emberz, Cairo Moon, Shoruq Shimmers, Mountain Kahia Dancers, Tribe Nawaar and more. Afterward a funk rock band called Spongeworthy (made up partly of members of Yallah!) will be keeping the vibe going until late. $6 for adults and $5 for kids.

Sunday night is our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF SALSA! That's a pretty impressive run and we are very proud of our salsa night. To commemorate the date we're bringing in 4 of Denver's best salsa DJs. They'll play 3 songs a piece and then rotate, competing with each other to see who can get the salseros dancing the hardest. $8, includes lesson at 8pm w/ Joseph Snowhawk.


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Extra Credit: So then, a poem, upon the subject of summer, naturally. Emily Dickinson was inspired by summer and wrote over a dozen poems about the subject. Here's one worth contemplating...

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie -
True Poems flee -

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