Friday, August 8, 2008

mid July, ought eight

D fibrillators,

One of the great secrets of the D Note Monday through Wednesday is that when you show up, you never know who is else is going to show up. It's like a grab bag with wondrous sounds inside of it. Seems like there are a few surprises every week. Last night, for instance, during Chris Aaron's killer jam, Wendy Woo showed up. And tonight, at 9:30pm, after The Clamdaddys Jam, the DeWayn Brothers will make a special appearance. The DeWayn brothers are an amazing psychedelic bluegrass band from Kansas, and here they are doing a free show at the D Note in Arvada. We count our lucky stars.

Thursday night we have a band called The Band Formerly Known As Prince. You'd think with a name like that they'd be a Prince cover band or something, but they are an electro glam band. Listen to "Disco Diva" on their myspace for awesomeness. Prince would be proud of these kids. They are coming with a bunch of friends, including Ask You In Grey and As The Wheel Turns, starting at 6pm. $5. And just to make the evening complete you can order the Pizza Formerly Known As Prince.

Friday night we are proud to present Hillbilly Hellcats and 18 Wheeler for some heavy rockabilly. At 8pm Daniel Newsome, the 2007 swing dance champion will teach a Rockabilly Dance lesson. Then The Hellcats start at 9:30pm, 18 Wheeler at 11pm. $7. This'll be a hot show. We'll probably have to turn on the fans full blast.

Saturday night we have a show starting at 8pm with Joel Vanhorn (from Carbon Choir), And Sometimes WHY, and 10% Genius. Three solid local bands. And we should take this opportunity to thank Matt Doughetry from 10% Genius for helping us get a drum kit donated to us from Po Boy Drums. Thanks Matt! That means from now on bands don't have to haul their drums in to play if they don't want to.

Both Friday and Saturday we have some great dinner music too, super smooth jazz cat Joe Jeffers on Friday and Cody Crump on Saturday at 6pm. Crump comes highly recommended. Check out his myspace. Reminds us of Bright Eyes. Sublime melodies. A star is born.

Gotta run,

D doo run run

Extra Credit: Here's a poem that took our head clean off, by 14th century Persian poet Hafiz.

What could have caused your grip to weaken
that allowed creation to be?
How could a lover fall to his death
from the arms of infinite
How active you are in the mind sustaining such a great wall
that the sun can cast a frightening shadow
the world believes.
No one has ever really known sadness. No real God
would ever allow pain.
How then can a heart feel it is broken and in need
if we are held in the arms of infinite
compassion and
That mirror You stand before –
we need to gaze into it also.
That name you called Beloved
as I fell from your lips –
I suffer
because I did not quite
hear it;
so tell me again dear One
so clear:
I am

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