Friday, August 8, 2008

early to mid August, ought eight

D luscious,

There is something about you girl that makes me sweat. We're speaking generally here. As if you all were the hotties on the dance floor and we were the ones being affected by the heat. And also, INXS.

This weekend we have many opportunities to make the above metaphor literal. Tonight, Wednesday, Aug.6 you can certainly shake your thing to The Clamdaddys. In fact it is hard not to. Tomorrow night, Thursday, Aug 7, you can swing dance to the 15 piece Elevations Jazz Orchestra. We hear some good swing dancers will be in the house to watch. And if you dress 40's swing style, you will be our hero.

Friday, 8/8/8, is gonna be a crazy smörgåsbord of musical fireworks. First at 6pm we have TnT. A taiko drum and guitar duo that always makes the D Note happy. At 8pm we have an acoustic set by local band Remember May, a special event. Then the brothers from another planet take over, Something Underground. Seth and Josh Larsen are getting to be regulars around the D Note and we couldn't be happier about it. Great guys with the ability to both entertain and channel pure music, a rare combination. And plus that brother harmony thing is so sweet. Around 10ish, Ruby James will play a secret set. This woman was in town for the AAA radio convention in Boulder and agreed to come for a short set. She was recommended to us by Chris Aaron, so we know she's gonna be amazing. Expect much musical magic this evening. And cheap too. $5

Saturday we don't expect any less. Fear Mia's Abby Posner grew up in the area. She used to solo shows at the D Note when she was a wee chiclet. Now she's in this awesome violin driven band from L.A. It has been great to watch performers like Posner grow up. Fear Mia will be supported by Jason Vigil, a super smooth killer crooner, and Quillion, our own. 8pm. $7.

If you have an extra minute vote for us to make Channel 7's A List.

Your Factory Worker,

Dandy Warhol

Extra Credit: The new Bonnie Prince Billy album is "Lie Down In The Light", which, like most of BPB's albums is full of sublime melodies and searching evocative lyrics. Here's the lyrics of the title track, which somehow manages to conflate global warming with romantic love to cosmic effect, perversely equating the ozone layer to the skin that keeps two lovers from becoming one.

Lie Down In The Light

When the sun welcomes us in
and the earth's protective skin
fails & peels back, face to chin
then we start it all again

Why do you frown?
Why do you try?
Why don't you lie down
in the light?

Who's gonna hold my heart?
Who's gonna be my own own own?
Who's gonna know when all is dark
that she is not alone?

Heed this word: beware
for my heart's ways are unclear

It's as if we tried to know
what we can't really know

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